With sniping you can make a lot of coins quickly. So now you might ask yourself why you should snipe. To be honest it’s just good for the low budget range to make your first coins as fast as possible so you’re out of that hell. After that, everything works almost completely passively.

If you use the right filters, 30k coins per hour is very easily feasible. And then you’ll be out of this hell within few hours.

How do I find good sniping filters?

With FUTBIN you can find good filters.

The most important part for sniping filters is that you need a pool of at least 4 players which are nearly the same price.Gold cards are best. DON’T USE SPECIAL CARDS! You always follow the same pattern on FUTBIN.

  • First you select Gold Rares.
  • Then you select Center Backs (CB) and search through the top 5 leagues.
  • You want to find a filter that has comparably many cards at the same price.
  • If you don‘t find that in the top 5 leagues, then search through the top nations once (Germany, Spain, England, France, Brazil etc).
  • If you don‘t find what you need there either, change the position.
  • Then it starts all over again.

When you have found a filter then check if the filter can be improved.
If your filter is “Spain, Gold Rare, CB” then check if you can use all defenders instead of just CBs.

The more different cards in the filter the more coins you will make!

How do you know you have found a profitable filter?
If you use gold rare cards, all the cards should be worth over 1k.
Most of the gold rare players have a minimum price of 650/700 coins.
83 players then already have a minimum price of 800 coins.
That means 83s can show up for 850 coins. So if an 83 player in the filter costs only 950 coins, the filter is useless because it won‘t be profitable enough.

For how many coins do I snipe?

It always depends on the filter. First you calculate the EA taxes, 5% of the sale price.
That means if you sell a player for 1000 coins you get only 950 coins to your balance!
Only snipe when you make 100 coins at least per card!

So if I sell a player for 1000 coins then I buy him for a maximum of 850.
If the cheapest player from your sniping filter is worth 1500 coins then snipe him for a maximum of 1300 coins.

Now you have to decide: If you have a lot of cards showing up each time in the filter then you could decide to only buy those

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