Once you have sniping filters, you can also use them for Mass Bidding.

Maybe you’re very slow at sniping or it‘s too stressful & annoying for you.

Then simply use the filters for bidding.

Just like sniping: Note the 5% tax + the profit of minimum 100 coins and then just bid.If you can sell a card for 1k then bid maximum 850 coins on it.

This method is called Mass Bidding!

If you prefer bidding then you can skip sniping & only use this method for the start. For bidding there’s also more filters you can use.

Again, you just click through with the usual patterns. It works really well to bid on non-rare cards.
How do I find good filters there?

  • First you search on FUTBIN for gold non-rare.
  • Then you choose a top 5 league and set a position.
  • For example gold non-rare, Bundesliga, CB.
  • If the cheapest cards here are worth 600-700 coins, you could do go with this method.
  • This means simply bid 150 coins less than the cheapest player on each gold non-rare CB of the Bundesliga and then sell those you get.

Here it depends on the mass!

For gold non-rare players, the cheapest in your filter should never cost less than 600 coins!
Otherwise use another filter. With gold non-rare there‘s really infinite options!
With this method you can also make 30k each hour.

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