First of all, what is daily flipping?
Daily flipping aka trend trading, fluctuation trading, day trading or flipping is a technique that takes advantage of the fluctuations that are happening on the market.

The positives about this technique are that you are not reliant on EA to make coins!
The amount of coins you can make is basically limited by 3 things.


Lets start with the basics!

Why do cards fluctuate daily?

Cards fluctuate based on supply and demand.
At one point throughout the day we have many people selling a particularly card and only a few players who want to buy the very same card and vice versa.
You can monitor this best with cards that are out of packs (oop).
For example:
If an inform has no supply, and the few listings for the lowest buy now get bought up, we can expect that the totw rises in the next few hours.
However if these aren’t bought and some people desperately need coins, they undercut the lowest buy now and the card is moving down in price.
This happens frequently, and you can’t predict when a card will hit a low point and a high point!

What cards are we looking for?
The main goal is to find cards that are in demand and that fluctuate at least 10% each day!
With the 5% EA tax we can guarantee a 5% profit after tax!
5% profit makes us 5k for every 100k we spend on these flips!
This may not sound like much, but it adds up since you usually sell those cards within a day!

For example, if a card fluctuates between 30k -34k every day, you can easily make a few coins just by buying the card at a low fluctuation for 30k and selling the card at a high fluctuation at 34k.
This is 2.3k net profit which is more than 5%!
As I said earlier, this may not sound like much, but it adds up! (and its only one card! You should be able to trade 50-100 cards like this, if you know what you are doing EVERY DAY)
The picture below is the price graph of Lozano 2nd totw! (FIFA 21)
I used him for weeks and he was amazing to make coins!
As you can see he fluctuates between 107k and 119k!

What the FUTBIN graphs doesn’t monitor is the snipes you might be able to get!
The FUTBIN graph shows the average price per hour!
Because of this you can get sales for more than 119k and snipes for less than 107k which provides you with an even greater profit!

This was just so you understand how flipping works.
Now what kind of players fluctuate a lot?
Cards that always fluctuate well, are special cards that are out of packs!
Preferably meta cards that are out of packs. Meta cards have a high demand, so it is more likely that the card will hit multiple high points!

Mistakes to avoid, and tips to know!

  1. Misleading price drops
    Cards can drop below their usual low points and above their usual high fluctuations, based on current content!
    You have to be aware of this!
    For example.
    Milinkovic-Savic 87 TOTW fluctuated a lot between 87k and 97k for quite some time!
    He got a new Headliner SBC and dropped all the way down to 67k!
    This is way lower than his usual low fluctuation price, but he will never hit his old price again!
    From now on he is just worth way less.
    We must adapt now since his price dropped!
    From now on his fluctuation is between 64k and 70k, so there is no point in just buying the card for his current price because we cannot expect him to move up to his old price again!
  2. Value adds
    We all know that hunter and shadow cards are expensive and add value to a card.
    We can take advantage of this!
    If you are flipping and buying a player for 90k and selling the player for 100k then you make good coins!
    However you can buy the same player for 92k with a hunter/Shadow and then sell for 102k which gives you the same profit. You just don´t have to wait until the player reaches the absolute lowpoint!
  3. Market Patterns
    The market is always moving but we can monitor a few patterns that you should know about!
    The META market is usually very high at Thursday/Friday and quite low on Sunday/Monday.
    You can do daily flipping during these days, but you have to adjust to some new prices since you can expect some prices to rise approx. 5%-10% on Thursday/Friday and depreciate 5%-10% on Sunday/Monday.
    This happens because people play division Rivals at Thursday and WL on Friday/Saturday.
    Many people buy their Teams on Thursday/Friday because they get coins for the teams with rewards!
    Sunday is the day that people sell their teams that they used during Weekend League!
    This leads to price drops.
    You can use futbin to your advantage. Look for old special cards that are still used and meta.
    These cards will most likely fluctuate a lot. Look for the 10% (or more) fluctuation and then create a list with a lot of players that always go up and down!
    You only need to check these players a few times a day to check if they are down in price. If they are down in price just go ahead and buy them!

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