A classic that everyone should know! Bidding after rewards is very simple and effective!

The the profit it is very worthwhile!

Things you need for bidding after rewards to work:

  1. When do rewards / Lightning Rounds drop?
  2. A player list so you know what to bid on or snipe
  3. Space on the watch list and space on the transfer list

Squad Battle rewards drop on Sunday

Rivals Rewards drop on Thursday

Lightning Rounds are usually on weekends after the content drops.

Since many players open the rewards immediately (or open packs on Lightning Rounds), you can start sniping immediately. The first 15 minutes are crucial here!

After 15 minutes I would start with listing all players I got from sniping!

1 hour after the rewards dropped the bidding starts!

Why 1 hour after the rewards dropped?

Many people will list the packed players for 1 hour on the market so many listings will run out at the same time!

You can go through our player lists, find a player that you want to bid on and spam bid on everything that runs out in the next minute!

If you get outbid on any deal just change the player!

The first 15 minutes are crucial again!

After the 15 minutes, the market floods less and less and the bargains you can get are seen by more and more people. So, the chance to get a bargain decreases.

List all your won bid if you are finished with bidding after rewards! List them for the price they had on the previous day!

Things you need to know

  1. usual price of the player you bid on so you do not overpay!
  2. You can bid on POS-change or Chem-Styles aswell!

Which players do you use for this method?

Take players who are used for SBCs such as 84+ Rated players. They are very often packed for the Rewards and Lightning Rounds. But as they are used again and again for SBCs, the prices rise again.

Take advantage of the short-term phase of the supply overflow

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