Why is Chilled Coins Trading working the way it is?

The normal EAFC Player is lazy.

He decides to buy a player, and just checks the first page of the player on the transfer market. Then he looks for the cheapest one, and if you are lucky, your player is the cheapest one.

Chemistry Styles are pushing your sales, because players are ready to spend ~1-2k more for players, which already got a Chemistry Style attached to them.

Why is Chilled Coins Trading the best Trading method?

By only using the Chilled Coins Trading method, you can generate up to 3 Million coins per month, and it is not even that hard. You dont even need to waste your time by sniping all day long, the only thing you have to do when using this method, is relisting your transfer list once every hour. It takes 30-60 minutes a day.
You can call this Trading Method the „Cashflow Machine“, because it is generating your passive income, while you are playing some Weekend League Games.

What do we do?

We are just offering players overpriced, and if you are doing it right, they will all be sold over time. The only thing you need to do is, to follow this guide here.

Your Ideal Strategy:

  • 99 objects on your transfer list
  • List max. 2 times the some player, aim for a min. of 50 different players on your transferlist. Diversifikation is KEY!
  • Use different prices for the same players (Player 1: 44500 bid/44750 buy now; Player 2: 45500/45750)
  • Always offer your players for one hour, because the sale always happens in the last minutes
  • If you have successfully sold a player overpriced, dont waste any time and buy him back for the lowest price immediately
  • Sell your players, so that you have an after-tax-profit of ~10%
    (Example: Bought for 10000; sold for 11000; after-tax-Profit is 400 coins = 4% <- avoid doing this! Sold for 11750; after-tax-profit is 1200 = 12%, which is more than 10% of 10000 <- do this instead)
  • Buy players with at least 7 contracts, more is better
  • Buy players with a good chemistry style (you can see the fitting ones in our list)
  • Buy your players as cheap as possible, if possible, try to snipe every player below his price

So with this being said, you are ready to make millions of coins 📈

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