Many of you guys have asked me “How can I get from 0 to a 100k EAFC Coins?”

So there are four main methods to get to 100k Coins very fast, and we got a guide for all of them (

  1. This one is my favourite, and by far the fastest way to get your coins, the Sniping Guide. Just read the Guide we have prepared for you, and you should have a 100k after 4-5 hours.
  2. Another very easy way to get a higher budget is the Mass Bidding Guide. It is just bidding instead of sniping, this might be easier for some people, but takes a little bit more time.
  3. Silver Players Trading is simply mass bidding, but you are using Silver Players. You will get a little bit more profit, but it is harder to find good filters to use.
  4. This one is the hardest method to learn, but once you have mastered it, you can use the Daily Flipping from 0 to 10 Million Coins. It has basically unlimited potential, but takes a lot of time to learn it properly.

Feel free to try out all of these 4 methods and stick with the one, you find the easiest to use.

You will be rich in a few hours if you start now 📈

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