Many of you guys have asked me "How can I get from 0 to a 100k EAFC Coins?"

So there are four main methods to get to 100k Coins very fast, and we got a guide for all of them (

  1. This one is my favourite, and by far the fastest way to get your coins, the Sniping Guide. Just read the Guide we have prepared for you, and you should have a 100k after 4-5 hours.
  2. Another very easy way to get a higher budget is the Mass Bidding Guide. It is just bidding instead of sniping, this might be easier for some people, but takes a little bit more time.
  3. Silver Players Trading is simply mass bidding, but you are using Silver Players. You will get a little bit more profit, but it is harder to find good filters to use.
  4. This one is the hardest method to learn, but once you have mastered it, you can use the Daily Flipping from 0 to 10 Million Coins. It has basically unlimited potential, but takes a lot of time to learn it properly.

Feel free to try out all of these 4 methods and stick with the one, you find the easiest to use.

You will be rich in a few hours if you start now 📈

WL Awards Method So this is very simple, at the start of fifa/EAFC WL is critical for making quick coins, and were gonna capitalise on people playing🥶

Step 1) play your games on friday, relax

step 2) saturday scour the market and look around at meta gold cards such as kyle walker, ferland mendy, varane etc

Step 3) saturday/sunday these cards will have dropped, not a massive amount maybe 10-20k... for example is ferland mendy is normally 90k during the week, and hes dropped to 80k> thats a good pick up. Buy 1-5 of him and sell monday night

Step 4) enjoy your easy profits

Why is Chilled Coins Trading working the way it is?

The normal EAFC Player is lazy.

He decides to buy a player, and just checks the first page of the player on the transfer market. Then he looks for the cheapest one, and if you are lucky, your player is the cheapest one.

Chemistry Styles are pushing your sales, because players are ready to spend ~1-2k more for players, which already got a Chemistry Style attached to them.

Why is Chilled Coins Trading the best Trading method?

By only using the Chilled Coins Trading method, you can generate up to 3 Million coins per month, and it is not even that hard. You dont even need to waste your time by sniping all day long, the only thing you have to do when using this method, is relisting your transfer list once every hour. It takes 30-60 minutes a day.
You can call this Trading Method the „Cashflow Machine“, because it is generating your passive income, while you are playing some Weekend League Games.

What do we do?

We are just offering players overpriced, and if you are doing it right, they will all be sold over time. The only thing you need to do is, to follow this guide here.

Your Ideal Strategy:

  • 99 objects on your transfer list
  • List max. 2 times the some player, aim for a min. of 50 different players on your transferlist. Diversifikation is KEY!
  • Use different prices for the same players (Player 1: 44500 bid/44750 buy now; Player 2: 45500/45750)
  • Always offer your players for one hour, because the sale always happens in the last minutes
  • If you have successfully sold a player overpriced, dont waste any time and buy him back for the lowest price immediately
  • Sell your players, so that you have an after-tax-profit of ~10%
    (Example: Bought for 10000; sold for 11000; after-tax-Profit is 400 coins = 4% <- avoid doing this! Sold for 11750; after-tax-profit is 1200 = 12%, which is more than 10% of 10000 <- do this instead)
  • Buy players with at least 7 contracts, more is better
  • Buy players with a good chemistry style (you can see the fitting ones in our list)
  • Buy your players as cheap as possible, if possible, try to snipe every player below his price

So with this being said, you are ready to make millions of coins 📈

*German version below*

We are starting off with probably the best method for the Web-App Start, if you fully understand and master it. People use solutions on Futbin to complete SBCs, especially during the Web App period when there's nearly nothing else to do.

If some players are used in a cheap solution on the app "Futbin" (if you don´t have downloaded the app, you should do it), they will rise.

Last year Quintero was one of the players I used to trade with, and it worked just perfectly.

Sniping cards from top solutions
This is probably the most simple way to use the Futbin method because it requires the least amount of skill.
Step 1️⃣: Click on one of the top solutions on Futbin
Step 2️⃣: Go through all of the players in that solutioncompare the price shown on Futbin to the price on the market!
Step 3️⃣: if a player is way more expensive on the market than it's shown on Futbin, snipe him for the price that Futbin shows
Step 4️⃣: list slightly below the current market value to guarantee a quick sale


It is very important, that you learn how to snipe players in the Web-App. We have uploaded an Sniping Guide on the Chilled Coins App:
In the next days I will provide you with more crucial Tips for the Web App Start 👍

German Version:

Wir beginnen mit der wahrscheinlich besten Methode für den Web-App-Start, wenn man sie vollständig versteht und beherrscht. Die Leute benutzen Lösungen auf Futbin, um SBCs zu vervollständigen, besonders während der Web-App-Periode, wenn es fast nichts anderes zu tun gibt.

Wenn einige Spieler in einer billigen Lösung auf der App "Futbin" eingesetzt werden (wenn du die App noch nicht heruntergeladen hast, solltest du es tun), werden sie steigen.

Letztes Jahr war Quintero einer der Spieler, mit denen ich getradet habe, und es hat einfach perfekt funktioniert.

Karten aus Top-Lösungen snipen
Dies ist wahrscheinlich die einfachste Art, die Futbin-Methode anzuwenden, weil sie am wenigsten Geschick erfordert.
Schritt 1️⃣: Klicken Sie auf eine der Top-Lösungen auf Futbin
Schritt 2️⃣: Gehen Sie alle Spieler in dieser Lösung durch - vergleichen Sie den Preis auf Futbin mit dem Preis auf dem Markt!
Schritt 3️⃣: Wenn ein Spieler auf dem Markt viel teurer ist, als er auf Futbin angezeigt wird, sniped ihn für den Preis, den Futbin anzeigt
Schritt 4️⃣: Biete etwas unter dem aktuellen Marktwert an, um einen schnellen Verkauf zu garantieren.


Es ist sehr wichtig, dass du lernst, wie man Spieler in der Web-App sniped. Wir haben einen Sniping-Guide auf der Chilled Coins App hochgeladen:
In den nächsten Tagen werde ich Dir weitere wichtige Tipps für den Web-App Start geben. 👍


With sniping you can make a lot of coins quickly. So now you might ask yourself why you should snipe. To be honest it’s just good for the low budget range to make your first coins as fast as possible so you’re out of that hell. After that, everything works almost completely passively.

If you use the right filters, 30k coins per hour is very easily feasible. And then you’ll be out of this hell within few hours.

How do I find good sniping filters?

With FUTBIN you can find good filters.

The most important part for sniping filters is that you need a pool of at least 4 players which are nearly the same price.Gold cards are best. DON’T USE SPECIAL CARDS! You always follow the same pattern on FUTBIN.

  • First you select Gold Rares.
  • Then you select Center Backs (CB) and search through the top 5 leagues.
  • You want to find a filter that has comparably many cards at the same price.
  • If you don‘t find that in the top 5 leagues, then search through the top nations once (Germany, Spain, England, France, Brazil etc).
  • If you don‘t find what you need there either, change the position.
  • Then it starts all over again.

When you have found a filter then check if the filter can be improved.
If your filter is “Spain, Gold Rare, CB” then check if you can use all defenders instead of just CBs.

The more different cards in the filter the more coins you will make!

How do you know you have found a profitable filter?
If you use gold rare cards, all the cards should be worth over 1k.
Most of the gold rare players have a minimum price of 650/700 coins.
83 players then already have a minimum price of 800 coins.
That means 83s can show up for 850 coins. So if an 83 player in the filter costs only 950 coins, the filter is useless because it won‘t be profitable enough.

For how many coins do I snipe?

It always depends on the filter. First you calculate the EA taxes, 5% of the sale price.
That means if you sell a player for 1000 coins you get only 950 coins to your balance!
Only snipe when you make 100 coins at least per card!

So if I sell a player for 1000 coins then I buy him for a maximum of 850.
If the cheapest player from your sniping filter is worth 1500 coins then snipe him for a maximum of 1300 coins.

Now you have to decide: If you have a lot of cards showing up each time in the filter then you could decide to only buy those

Once you have sniping filters, you can also use them for Mass Bidding.

Maybe you’re very slow at sniping or it‘s too stressful & annoying for you.

Then simply use the filters for bidding.

Just like sniping: Note the 5% tax + the profit of minimum 100 coins and then just bid.If you can sell a card for 1k then bid maximum 850 coins on it.

This method is called Mass Bidding!

If you prefer bidding then you can skip sniping & only use this method for the start. For bidding there’s also more filters you can use.

Again, you just click through with the usual patterns. It works really well to bid on non-rare cards.
How do I find good filters there?

  • First you search on FUTBIN for gold non-rare.
  • Then you choose a top 5 league and set a position.
  • For example gold non-rare, Bundesliga, CB.
  • If the cheapest cards here are worth 600-700 coins, you could do go with this method.
  • This means simply bid 150 coins less than the cheapest player on each gold non-rare CB of the Bundesliga and then sell those you get.

Here it depends on the mass!

For gold non-rare players, the cheapest in your filter should never cost less than 600 coins!
Otherwise use another filter. With gold non-rare there‘s really infinite options!
With this method you can also make 30k each hour.

A classic that everyone should know! Bidding after rewards is very simple and effective!

The the profit it is very worthwhile!

Things you need for bidding after rewards to work:

  1. When do rewards / Lightning Rounds drop?
  2. A player list so you know what to bid on or snipe
  3. Space on the watch list and space on the transfer list

Squad Battle rewards drop on Sunday

Rivals Rewards drop on Thursday

Lightning Rounds are usually on weekends after the content drops.

Since many players open the rewards immediately (or open packs on Lightning Rounds), you can start sniping immediately. The first 15 minutes are crucial here!

After 15 minutes I would start with listing all players I got from sniping!

1 hour after the rewards dropped the bidding starts!

Why 1 hour after the rewards dropped?

Many people will list the packed players for 1 hour on the market so many listings will run out at the same time!

You can go through our player lists, find a player that you want to bid on and spam bid on everything that runs out in the next minute!

If you get outbid on any deal just change the player!

The first 15 minutes are crucial again!

After the 15 minutes, the market floods less and less and the bargains you can get are seen by more and more people. So, the chance to get a bargain decreases.

List all your won bid if you are finished with bidding after rewards! List them for the price they had on the previous day!

Things you need to know

  1. usual price of the player you bid on so you do not overpay!
  2. You can bid on POS-change or Chem-Styles aswell!

Which players do you use for this method?

Take players who are used for SBCs such as 84+ Rated players. They are very often packed for the Rewards and Lightning Rounds. But as they are used again and again for SBCs, the prices rise again.

Take advantage of the short-term phase of the supply overflow

First of all, what is daily flipping?
Daily flipping aka trend trading, fluctuation trading, day trading or flipping is a technique that takes advantage of the fluctuations that are happening on the market.

The positives about this technique are that you are not reliant on EA to make coins!
The amount of coins you can make is basically limited by 3 things.


Lets start with the basics!

Why do cards fluctuate daily?

Cards fluctuate based on supply and demand.
At one point throughout the day we have many people selling a particularly card and only a few players who want to buy the very same card and vice versa.
You can monitor this best with cards that are out of packs (oop).
For example:
If an inform has no supply, and the few listings for the lowest buy now get bought up, we can expect that the totw rises in the next few hours.
However if these aren’t bought and some people desperately need coins, they undercut the lowest buy now and the card is moving down in price.
This happens frequently, and you can’t predict when a card will hit a low point and a high point!

What cards are we looking for?
The main goal is to find cards that are in demand and that fluctuate at least 10% each day!
With the 5% EA tax we can guarantee a 5% profit after tax!
5% profit makes us 5k for every 100k we spend on these flips!
This may not sound like much, but it adds up since you usually sell those cards within a day!

For example, if a card fluctuates between 30k -34k every day, you can easily make a few coins just by buying the card at a low fluctuation for 30k and selling the card at a high fluctuation at 34k.
This is 2.3k net profit which is more than 5%!
As I said earlier, this may not sound like much, but it adds up! (and its only one card! You should be able to trade 50-100 cards like this, if you know what you are doing EVERY DAY)
The picture below is the price graph of Lozano 2nd totw! (FIFA 21)
I used him for weeks and he was amazing to make coins!
As you can see he fluctuates between 107k and 119k!

What the FUTBIN graphs doesn’t monitor is the snipes you might be able to get!
The FUTBIN graph shows the average price per hour!
Because of this you can get sales for more than 119k and snipes for less than 107k which provides you with an even greater profit!

This was just so you understand how flipping works.
Now what kind of players fluctuate a lot?
Cards that always fluctuate well, are special cards that are out of packs!
Preferably meta cards that are out of packs. Meta cards have a high demand, so it is more likely that the card will hit multiple high points!

Mistakes to avoid, and tips to know!

  1. Misleading price drops
    Cards can drop below their usual low points and above their usual high fluctuations, based on current content!
    You have to be aware of this!
    For example.
    Milinkovic-Savic 87 TOTW fluctuated a lot between 87k and 97k for quite some time!
    He got a new Headliner SBC and dropped all the way down to 67k!
    This is way lower than his usual low fluctuation price, but he will never hit his old price again!
    From now on he is just worth way less.
    We must adapt now since his price dropped!
    From now on his fluctuation is between 64k and 70k, so there is no point in just buying the card for his current price because we cannot expect him to move up to his old price again!
  2. Value adds
    We all know that hunter and shadow cards are expensive and add value to a card.
    We can take advantage of this!
    If you are flipping and buying a player for 90k and selling the player for 100k then you make good coins!
    However you can buy the same player for 92k with a hunter/Shadow and then sell for 102k which gives you the same profit. You just don´t have to wait until the player reaches the absolute lowpoint!
  3. Market Patterns
    The market is always moving but we can monitor a few patterns that you should know about!
    The META market is usually very high at Thursday/Friday and quite low on Sunday/Monday.
    You can do daily flipping during these days, but you have to adjust to some new prices since you can expect some prices to rise approx. 5%-10% on Thursday/Friday and depreciate 5%-10% on Sunday/Monday.
    This happens because people play division Rivals at Thursday and WL on Friday/Saturday.
    Many people buy their Teams on Thursday/Friday because they get coins for the teams with rewards!
    Sunday is the day that people sell their teams that they used during Weekend League!
    This leads to price drops.
    You can use futbin to your advantage. Look for old special cards that are still used and meta.
    These cards will most likely fluctuate a lot. Look for the 10% (or more) fluctuation and then create a list with a lot of players that always go up and down!
    You only need to check these players a few times a day to check if they are down in price. If they are down in price just go ahead and buy them!

Mass Bidding

This technique is pretty easy to make coins. 
You pick any nation/league and find out what the lowest price is at the moment!
If its 500 coins you spam bids at 400 coins on every card that runs out soon. 
If the lowest price is 450 coins then you spam bids at 350 coins on every card. 
Check for players that you have won and then sell the players. 
You will make atleast 100 coins profit per player. If you are lucky you might even win a player on bids that is way more expensive so you make 1k+ with just one player!

Here are some examples of how your filter should look like.
- Silver - premier league - 500 coins max buy now
- Silver - England - 500 coins max buy now
- Silver - Bundesliga - 450 coins max buy now
- Silver - Germany - 450 coins max buy now
- Silver - Ligue 1 - 500 coins max buy now
- Silver - France - 650 coins max buy now
You can do this with every good nation and all of the top 5 leagues! 
If you don´t find any player at 500 coins then adjust the price to 550 and search again. 
If you don´t find any player again for 550 then adjust the price to 600 again and so on. 
Continue until you find the cheapest player so you know how much you should bid for!
If you find silvers that are listed for 400 coins or less just skip this filter and go to the next one!

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