50K - > 60K-70K / week

100K -> 100K-120K / week

200K -> 150K-200K / week

500K -> 250K-300K / week

1M -> 500K-600K / week

2M -> 800K-1M / week

For this you need to run a 90+ list daily and always re-buy the players you sold.

You see, the fun starts with higher budgets.

No, make sure you always have a full list. Rebuy the sold players or refresh your list with your new budget.

A: The symbol is either “Hot” or “Cold”. You can vote a player if the player is selling often or selling not often. 
Make sure to only vote after 2 days. Just because a player didn´t sell after 1 day doesn´t mean that he is “cold”!

A: First make sure that you followed our system. If you did, continue listing for one/two more days (between 10-20 relists) and then adjust the price if needed. Check what the player is currently going for and then type that into the calculator. You now see for what you should list the player for

A: Still list him as if you bought it for the same price. Be happy with the extra profit you made!

A: Try to buy the player for a little more with a chem style (max 500 coins for Hunter/Shadow) or skip the player and try later.

A: Usually about 3%-5% per hour. So make sure to relist as often as possible!

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