At ChilledCoins we believe that anyone can make Coins without having to buy Coins or Points.

That’s why we have developed our system and it works perfectly.

However, some of you contact us and want a lot of coins as soon as possible. Making 1-2M coins in one day with trading is simply not possible.

Before you buy your coins on dubious sites that don’t care about your account security, we offer the safest coins for our ChilledCoins members.

We have partnered with a trusted CoinSeller to provide the most safe Coins for sale that you can find on the market.

There has NOT been a single ban in over 1000 transactions. Coins are transferred using the most safe methods such as sniping and bidding.

We also take care of the EA Tax, which means you get the coins you paid for.

For our ChilledCoins customers we have a discount code, which gives you the coins even cheaper.



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