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Use the calculator if the buy price is different to find out the selling price.

(Here you can also find video tutorials in English and German)

Your Goal:

You need to create a 1 million ChilledCoins list as soon as possible. With that you will make 500K-700K per week. This is also where the fun begins. Your 1 Million ChilledCoins list is your personal coin printing machine.

What do we do?

  1. Enter your Budget. This is the amount of coins you want to spend on ChilledCoins!
    We suggest that you spend 50% on your team and 50% on ChilledCoins!
  2. Enter the amount of slots you can use for the ChilledCoins. 
    We always suggest that you go with 99! This increases the sales!
  3. Once thats done click on "Create". 
    Your individual list will be generated now!
  4. Start from the top and buy the players. 
    Stick to the price and chem styles we suggest!
    Very important : The Rare Gold players up to rating 84 sell only with chemistry style. So make sure that you get the player with the given chemistry style.
  5. Mark the player you bought and look at the right to see for how much you need to list the player. Sell the players always for only 1 hour. The sale is happening in the last seconds.
    You can click on the little calcualtor Icon to type in a custom price if you bought a player for more or less than our suggested price!
  6. Refresh your list every hour. Try to refresh your list at least 10 times per day.
  7. Rebuy the players who were sold so you continue to have a 99 player on your list.

If Basic is included as Chemstyle, these players are rather intended as SBC fodder. Here it is worth buying only with a Chemistry Style, if the purchase price would not be different. In the other cases, where chemistry styles are given without basic - You can pay up to 500 coins more for Hunter/Shadow/Anchor. Pay max 200 more for the other chemistry styles.

How much profit can I expect?

Budget -> Profit / week

50K - > 60K-70K / week

100K -> 100K-120K / week

200K -> 150K-200K / week

500K -> 250K-300K / week

1M -> 500K-600K / week

2M -> 800K-1M / week

For this you need to run a 90+ list daily and always re-buy the players you sold.

You see, the fun starts with higher budgets.

Generating a new list
That way you always get the best players! 
This is how its done:

  1. Mark the players you still have on your transferlist
  2. Unmark the players that have sold
  3. Enter the amount of coins you want to spend on the list. Enter only the coins that you own at that moment. Your bought marked players will be added to your budget automatically.
  4. Press on refresh

You now have all the marked players and new players that are perfectly for your budget. 
You can now buy and list all the new players. 


  1. You need to buy at least 90-99 players/items from the generated list for CHILLEDCOINS to work properly!
  2. Only buy the players from the list! Do not use your own players!
  3. Buy the player as often as its shown on the list. Most players are only shown once or twice.
  4. Relist every hour! The sale is happening at the end so with relisting every hour you increase your chances of getting a sale. Relisting takes only 30 seconds in the app!
  5. Buy the players again that sold. List them for the price shown in the calculator.


Q: How many players usually sell?
A: Usually about 3%-5% per hour. So make sure to relist as often as possible!

Q: What should I do if I can´t find the player for the suggested price?
A: Try to buy the player for a little more with a chem style (max 500 coins for Hunter/Shadow) or skip the player

Q: What if I sniped a player for lower than the suggested price?
A: Still list him as if you bought it for the same price. Be happy with the extra profit you made!

Q: What should I do if a player didn´t sell after 5-10 relists?
A: First make sure that you followed our system. If you did, continue listing for one/two more days (between 10-20 relists) and then adjust the price if needed. Check what the player is currently going for and then type that into the calculator. You now see for what you should list the player for

Q: What is the symbol next to the player name?
A: The symbol is either "Hot" or "Cold". You can vote a player if the player is selling often or selling not often. 
Make sure to only vote after 2 days. Just because a player didn´t sell after 1 day doesn´t mean that he is "cold"!

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